Why Samsung won in the last in Apple-Samsung lawsuit battle?

It seems like a win for Samsung. The only people making a killing during these lawsuits have been the lawyers on both sides. Apple’s fight has been around principles – not about money. A billion dollars here or there is not going to affect Apple’s massive coffers really.

The reality is, at least in my opinion, Apple realizes that it’s time to move on. Samsung gets away with blatant copying, just as they did several years ago with Sony. Sony never actively pursued Samsung; Apple did but failed. Heck, now Samsung is even copying Dyson vacuum cleaners for design and technology! And the sad part is, Dyson can’t fight Samsung – they just don’t have the means to fight such a behemoth.

These are, unfortunately, the times we live in. Consumerism and greed have reached such a low level that integrity doesn’t mean jack anymore, for both the manufacturers and the consumers! I hope that Apple will focus on innovating – something they’re really good at – despite this “loss”. What they’ve achieved with the new Mac Pro design is nothing but miraculous. True innovation. Keep it going, Apple.

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