Why Windows Phone has a long way to go?

Just to be fair here, 8.1 isn’t officially out and won’t be for a while. We’ve had it for months but the average Joe is still using 8.0.

Also, to be fair, Microsoft has been incredibly slow to adopt any and all changes since 8.0 launched. Instead of fixing bugs as they’re found, they put out large, spaced out updates that were carrier dependent and in many cases came MONTHS after they were released by Microsoft. I sat by while folks in India got GDR2 weeks before I did.

Why Windows Phone has a long way to go

Also, these updates rarely added any functionality or options to the OS but simply opened up the APIs a little here and there fine tuned the power usage.
8.1 is the first major overhaul and improvement users have seen since launch in most cases.

Windows Phone users have been incredibly patient waiting for changes to be implemented and features to be added. More patient than they should have to be.

I won’t even talk about the music app since other’s have done a great job tearing that one to shreds. They should just re-implement the Zune’s player design into the current app. The community wants it and it would save them from all this criticism.

I’m running 8.1 and love my L920. Best phone I’ve ever owned. Though I have no intention of jumping ship, there are still some areas where the platform is behind or where features that have been requested tirelessly are still not implemented fully or at all.

Despite the urge to say otherwise, Windows Phone still has a ways to go.

Just to be extra clear, I am very pleased with the increase in app updates and international coverage WP is getting. I also like that they’re so hard at work on improving MS services via backend updates. It’s great. They’re hard work never goes noticed with me. It’s important to cover both sides of the argument though.

All I’m saying is that there’s still quite a bit of room for improvement.

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