Why is Windows Phone the Best Smartphone OS?

WindowsPhone is similar to iOS in the sense that it’s a “walled garden”. You don’t have the amazing breadth of customization that you do in Android. This is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, you will be sacrificing some of that ‘freedom’. But in return, you get a far more tightly controlled UI that is fast, responsive, and pretty damn beautiful. Everything works like you expect it to, and performance is great. As a previous iOS / Blackberry / Samsung owner, I can honestly say it is the nicest UI I’ve ever used.

Why Windows Phone is Best OS

The biggest drawback you’ll hear about is the App Store. For me, this isn’t an issue, because I’m not into games or social media. But the ‘major players’ are still all there, even if you have to rely on 3rd party version. The apps I use are things like SkyDrive, OneNote, Weather, etc, and they are brilliant.

Live Tiles are by far the greatest thing ever. Just by activating the screen, I can see upcoming meeting appointments, read my email, see new text messages, check the weather forecast etc, all without opening a single app. Live Tiles are also slightly disappointing in the sense that not enough developers utilize them, but when they do it well, it’s great.

The build quality is exceptional, too. It’s beautiful to look at, to hold, and mine seems to be lasting forever.

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