Why you should not buy cheap Android phones?

Most of Android phones, except Oplus and ASUS, are providing 4 GB storage. Usable which user gets its hardly 1 to 1.5 GB. Apps like FB and WhatsApp aren’t moveable to SD card. So install this app and gone – either you cannot update apps in future or install apps and low memory prompts. (I have experienced this in my HTC Explorer, which had really very low memory, and my friend using Xperia C is also facing same.)

Why you should not buy cheap Android phones

Other factor is useless partitioning, which renders lot space useless. So eventually memory is full and all those nags.

So in 1 year or less, phones become useless or user gets frustrated.

Poor performance or malfunctioning hardware.
Checkout reviews on flipkart or snapdeal – most ASUS, Oplus or Karbon phones are facing issues like

1. Phone is bricked, not powering ON. Faulty hardware
2. Rotation is malfunctioning or not properly working.
3. Low memory space.
4. Overheating issue or poor call quality.

Moto G was also not free of problems, common IMEI issues.

Agree or not Android is bound to slowness, laginess, space issue and poor performance over a time.

So if they provide Quality + Long time assurance it can turn the tables. Else this streak won’t last long.

So at low end phones, if we expect more specs there is a substantial lack in quality. Moto series is exception as it is sold at losses and long TERM performance is what is to see with Moto series.

MS/Nokia must now get good phones, unlike 630. They must balance out well between features and alterations. MS cannot go open source like Moto, but they must find other way out. Or have two versions of same 1 GB and 512 MB RAMs, at price differences. MS still thinking that it can sell 512 MB models well, although there OS performs well but not all apps are optimized for same. Unless they get correct same, 512 MB models won’t sell well and people may prefer android over WP.

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