Will you buy Windows 10 Mobile device from non Microsoft manufacture?

I would like any manufacturer to make a Windows phone device if all the problems with Win10 were resolved. I know it has to be bugs and not everyone will be suffering issues I am seeing but at the moment I cannot make new folders (I have existing folders!) and when I install new lenses, I cannot select them from the camera app (selecting lenses shows none installed), I have to select them from the applications list. Finally, the frequency that apps crash just after they’re launched is out of control – not just talking 3rd party either, Calendar app, Skype, anything. Of course, those are just my own bugbears, many other people are suffering various other quirks that shouldn’t exist. Oh yeah, manufacturer would also have to have Nokia quality cameras installed.
Windows 10 Mobile device

Windows 10 mobile is the main issue. I don’t think the hardware is the issue. All the hardware thus far seem fine for their target end user. Truth be told I am waiting for better fish out there. My Nokia 1520 with windows 8.1 is still up to par with my needs today and as a daily driver. I’ll do the upgrade to windows 10 mobile first untill I go for a new windows 10 mobile device as an end user.

The Lumia 1520, 930 and icon are still powerfull to date and an upgrade to windows 10 mobile will certainly help continue its life span. I could easily go another 2-3 years on my lumia 1520, a testament to Nokia’s good and durable design and microsoft helping optimize windows phone 8.1 for this class of device. I will wait and see what the new class of device will be. The rest is good, but in my view a filler for something wonderful to come. Skip the first gen of this wonderful device (as testament of many first gen devices with many bugs and not practical as a daily driver) and aim for gen two of this device.

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