Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536, finally a daily driver

Until now, the windows 10 mobile users were not able to enjoy a single build that could be used as a daily driver. Until now  – Microsoft’s new built for users on fast ring on Windows Insiders can download the build 10536 that is lot faster and stable than any version released so far.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536

Good stuff:
Windows 10 Mobile Build 10536 a lot faster than previous builds!
battery life better in idle (dropped 5 percent over night, still worse than 8.1 though)
system feels more polished UI wise, smoother
the pictures app has no hamburger menu which is nice, I hope they will get rid of it
the lockscreen is smooth and fast in this build
better battery life in idle.

Bad stuff:
the notification bar on top is still laggy when you’re bringing it down, it’s very annoying, sometimes it reacts right away but usually it’s very slow
can’t set the weather app as lockscreen? it’s just not on the list

really buggy store app, it can close for no reason, it does not update apps sometimes, crashes during update etc
can’t send pictures from album/photos app from various programs like facebook messenger, after selecting photos to pick from the app just closes and goes back to messenger
bad battery life while using the phone, light to moderate usage for one hour straight took around 20% off the battery on 8.1 it would probably be around 2%-5%
phone is heating up after that kind of usage which shouldn’t happen, I hope it gets fixed for the release build
spotify is even slower, randomly crashes for me but that’s what you get if the app is shitty…
Annoying stuff:
I really don’t know why do we have two separate apps for camera either leave the Camera app with living images support (for Lumia phones only obviously) or remove it and leave Lumia Camera only
Crossy Road does not remember my progress at all.
I can’t really see any integration with my desktop PC/laptop and Windows 10 Mobile but that is probably something to come soon?

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