Windows Phone Share Drop in April 2016

It looks to me like Microsoft have decided to make Win 10 as good as they can on all device sizes, get the ecosystem as good as they can through UWP apps and easy converters from other platforms (ie stuff which is largely just as relevant to the desktop as it is to mobile so they aren’t putting money only in to mobile) and then (and only then) try and incent OEM’s to build mobile devices for the OS. Part of the encouraging OEM’s will be to release a reference device or two, in the way they have with the Surface line, but why launch new phones before the OS is ready. If OEM’s and the market get behind it then, then fine. If not, then they won’t have wasted too much money as most of the spend would have been necessary anyway for desktop Win 10.


As a long time fan of Windows Mobile (in all of its historical guises) I am sticking with it. I’m one of those people who uses relatively few apps, so the app gap isn’t a big deal for me. In fact I decided to dig out my old iPhone 4s to use for calls and sms , and I use my 950 or 640XL for everything else(because the 4s is small, and it means I can use that for my main number and pick up whichever Windows Phone I have to hand without having to change the sim every time). I wondered whether I would find myself putting apps on to the iPhone because I couldn’t get them for the Windows phones. In fact I haven’t. The 950/640XL have me covered just fine. Although I know others find the app gap (both missing and incomplete apps) really frustrating.

I hope that Microsoft’s strategy comes through, I have toyed with both iOS and Android, but keep coming back to Win 10.

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