Xiaomi 5S Custom Recovery | TWRP for Xiaomi 5S download

Xiaomi 5S TWRP is available for download and that is a big news for all the modders and people who like installing custom ROMs. Installing it will make your android phone out of warranty so proceed with caution. Installation instructions are given below.

Xiaomi 5S Custom Recovery

1. First must be unlock Xiaomi 5S’s bootloader. Then download TWRP custom recovery img file from here.
2. Flash command:
adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery cofface_recovery_mi5s.img
fastboot boot cofface_recovery_mi5s.img3. Twrp recovery.img

And that it – you have successfully installed TWRP custom recovery on your Xiaomi 5S android phone. You will now be able to install all kinds of custom kernels, ROMs and hacks on it.

Just keep in mind that installing TWRP makes changes to system files on your phone and will put it out of warranty.


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