AMD A10-5750M, A8-5550M, A6-5350M, A4-5150M Richland processors

AMD has officially released its first batch of Richland mobile APUs (accelerated processing units). These are new processors are replacements for the company’s Trinity processors that made quite a stir in the processor industry last year. The new Richland processors bring some amazing improvements even though the processor is based on Trinity’s GPU and APU architecture.

AMD A10-5750M

In fact, the Richland processor is also based on same 32nm manufacturing process.

AMD A10-5750M, A8-5550M, A6-5350M, A4-5150M

The new processors are still based on pile driver cores and GPU’s architecture is based on Trinity GPU.

amd richland review

amd richland

That said, it does gets higher CPU and GPU clock speeds along with myriad power managements improvements. Here are their benchmark results:

amd richland benchmark

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