Atom Z2760 Review, Benchmark

The Intel Atom Z2760 is a part of Intel Clover trail platform. It is a one chip SoC (system on chip) and features 2 cores capable of handling upto 4 threads, thanks to hyper threading technology. Z2760 runs at 1.3GHz and automatically overclocks to 1.8GHz when needed. Gone are the GMA graphics that were used in earlier Atom processors. Instead, you get PowerVR SGX 545 clocked at 533MHz which supports DirectX 9_3.

Unfortunately, the chip has no 64 bit support and still supports a maximum of 2GB RAM, which comes integrated on the chip itself. TDP is 1.7W. The whole SoC is targeted to be used in tablets where low power consumption and efficiency are the top priorities.

Passmark score for the Atom Z2760 is 647, which may sound quite low if you compare it to latest Core i-series processors. However, to make it look powerful, here are the scores of some Atom processors from the past:

1) Atom N455 – 319
2) Atom N2600 – 601
3) Atom N570 – 639

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