Intel Core i3 2370M benchmark

The Intel Core i3 2370M is a processor for entry level laptops. It has two cores that are capable of handling up to 4 threads at a time. The i3 2370M runs at 2.4GHz clock speed and does not overclocks as its turbo boost feature is deactivated. Intel has kept it activated on i5 and i7 processors like Core i7 3820qm.

Intel Core i3 2370M benchmark

It has a TDP of 35 watts and features 3MB of L3 cache. Here are its benchmark results.

1) Cinebench R10: Rendering Single CPUs 64Bit – 3787
2) 3DMark Vantage: P CPU no PhysX 1280×1024 – 7792
3) Passmark – 3157

Features supported by the CPU are HD Graphics 3000, DDR3-1066/1333 Memory Controller (max 8GB), HyperThreading, AVX, Quick Sync and Virtualization.

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