Asus Spectrum and Turn case for Memo Pad 7

The Asus Turn case is made of rigid plastic material which protects the display of the Memo Pad 7 tablet. On its back, you will find a metal lever which acts as a stand. It will retail for 40-50 Euro which is almost 1/4 of total price of Memo Pad 7.

asus turn case memo pad 7 review

For those who just want to prevent the back of the Memo Pad 7 from getting scratched should try out the Asus Spectrum case. The Spectrum case is made of polycarbonate material and comes in 4 colors – black, pink, white and blue. It will retail for 20 Euros. Asus Memo me301t specs and price.

asus spectrum review

[via tech2 (Hungarian)]


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