HP Omni 10 hits FCC

Rumors have started brewing on the Internet as an HP tablet has surfaced on the FCC’s headquarters. Apart from its name, which is Omni 10 slate, almost everything about it is still a mystery. Earlier, there was some confusion if it will be a tablet or table top, now we are sure it is a tablet as there is a webcam at the back (nobody would want a 20 inch tablet with a rear webcam, right?).

HP Omni 10 fcc review

In the above picture, we can see two volume rocker buttons, a webcam and judging by its name, the HP Omni 10 will have 10 inch display. So, let’s put it in the iPad alternative category, shall we? via ipad hype, HP recently released a tablet top called Rove 20 as well which boasts a massive 20 inch screen and Intel haswell processor.


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