What should I buy: Tablet or laptop?

Tablet or laptop? It’s a commonly posed question nowadays, and has overtaken the PC vs MAC debate. With the ever growing juggernaut that is the tablet market, is the humble laptop still a viable option? The truth is, both have their pros and cons and these should all be considered before you decide to purchase one or the other.

Tablet or laptop

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the presence of real keys on a laptop and the absence of them on a tablet. Some prefer to have keys to tap away at when typing, whilst others who have spent large amounts of time on smart phones may be more used to touch screen typing instead. It is probably easier to have actual keys like a laptop in this instance, especially for longer assignments. For the tablet buyers, it is possible to buy a physical keyboard so this potential problem is allayed.

Touch screens can be great for some sites but tricky with others. If the site is intricate or fiddly, then a screen sensitive tablet may become bothersome, whereas the laptop is easier to pinpoint a certain area. However, with the evolution of app development on tablets these days, you can download apps that make the original website run to a more user friendly standard.

In terms of power and memory, most laptops can out perform the current tablets on the market. The storage capacities of a regular laptop can be much greater and so this can be of great importance to those who wish to store or download large documents in their computer. For the tablet user, an external hard drive or memory stick can remedy this quite easily and be a cost effective method of having extra storage.

To print off documents, then the laptop probably has the upper hand in this department too, being more compatible and enjoying greater space for printer software than the tablets equivalent.

In the favour of tablets however is their superior battery life, and this can be a key factor for many. The tablet is also smaller and more convenient to carry around. It is a lighter machine and so its portability outdoes the laptop. Tablets have also come further in app development, iPad currently has 250000 apps available on the app store.

As you can see, both options offer something unique and both are great in their own ways, so it isn’t really a case of one’s better than the other. Hopefully this short breakdown gives you a better sense of what it is you’re looking for in the market.


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