Why Nokia Should Not Release Windows RT Tablet?

Windows RT was a failed endeavor to begin with – one the one hand, ARM CPUs aren’t really fast to run Windows (yet), I get that. But let’s get to the crux of the point; what is the purpose of Windows RT? It’s not exactly compatible with (traditional) Windows, and it’s a wholly different beast than WP8. And on top of that Microsoft went ahead and released a reference design for a full on Windows tablet with the Surface Pro within months of releasing Windows RT, killing any chances of letting the new OS mature. Why fragment the ecosystem?

nokis windows rt tablet

If it’s a unified OS w/ WP8 in tablet format, it makes sense, I get it. If they only released the Surface Pro, it’s a new form factor but runs full Windows, I get it.
But what is the advantage of having a Windows RT tablet? I can use office? I can use office on an ultrabook which is slim enough to be a tablet, and a lot of vendors are releasing full-on Windows Tablets that can run Windows 8, which means I can use office and any other legacy windows program because it runs Windows 8!

I believe Microsoft is going to win the "tablet wars" as far as marketshare only because tablets will soon replace laptops as the standard PC format, running a full version of Windows. You only need to look at the redesign of Windows 8 and how touch-friendly the UI is, coupled with how Intel and AMD is prioritizing minimizing die size and power efficiency in their CPU revisions over raw performance improvements (and look at storage solutions for SSDs like mSATA). Mark my words.

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