Apple iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4: What is the difference?

So put the two best selling Apple devices head to head to help you decide which is the best one.

Design – When it comes to design the iPhone 4 flat out beats the 3GS thanks to the glass panels on both front and back. The iPhone 3GS has a curved back and it feels better in hand even though it is bit on the thicker side.

Apple iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 4

Screen – For many the screen plays a vital role while buying a handset. The 4 comes with a retina display that looks absolutely amazing. The 3GS’ display is grainy compared to its successor chiefly because of the fact it contains lower amount of pixels.

Performance – Both phones come with different processors inside. The iPhone 4 runs on Apple A4 chip that brings amazing performance and impressive gaming ability. Games like Infinity Blade and apps like iMovie run like a charm on the fourth generation phone.

The performance of the Apple iPhone 3GS 16gb is no slouch either. You will have no problem or hiccups in running high performance applications but do not expect it to replace your Gameboy as its GPU is simply not powerful enough.

Price – Of course higher quality screen and performance comes at a price and this makes a fourth generation Apple phone more expensive.

Camera – The camera on the 3GS is mere 3 megapixels and lacks flash. This means you would not be able to take pictures in the dark. The 4, on the other hand takes wonderful pictures thanks to the high quality camera lens and built in flash.


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