Clone Partitions easily using EaseUS Disk Copy

EaseUS Disk Copy is an application for Windows operating system that allows users to make physical copies of hard disk partitions. Sources say that this app is the fastest disk cloning and imaging software out there and one of the few that really makes 1:1 copies.


EaseUS Disk Copy disk cloning software offers myriad ways to backup or clone a drive or partition. For instance, you can do disk cloning, disk cloning, file backup and system backup. With it, you get peace of mind as it makes sector by sector copy so the clones are 100 percent identical as the original drive or partition.

This disk clone software also comes with a hard disk burning feature allowing you to make bootable optical disks that can be later used for recovering purposes in case a disaster happens. The EaseUS Disk Clone supports not only Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft but also previous versions of windows like 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

It works on fairly low end hardware easily. In fact, its company says all you need is an x86 processor, 128MB RAM, CD drive, mouse and keyboard. You can use it to clone hard drive Windows 10 or any other windows OS you currently have installed. Keep in mind that if you wish to single file backup, you will be better off with EaseUS ToDo backup tool that has this feature along with many other advanced features.

Nevertheless, the EaseUS Disk Copy is plenty powerful and feature-rich offering one click backup and recovery solutions. You can make copies of entire disk in case you are going to install a newly launched operating system and want to ensure your data and apps are intact. This was, if in case you wish to roll back, you would not face any trouble.

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