Find The Best Security And Surveillance Solution for 2014

Avigilon is a well-known security and CCTV provider that was founded in 2004. Since 2004 the company has gone on to offer innovative and reliable high definition surveillance solutions for any business, location or property. Avigilon prides itself on being able to deliver the best evidence using top quality surveillance solutions and easy to use access control centers

Find The Best Security And Surveillance Solution for 2014

The importance of CCTV protected buildings and businesses are forever growing, and now most businesses and properties need at least some kind of protection against thieves, vandals and criminals. Being able to better the quality of the image is one of the most vital things in the security sector, which is why Avigilon made sure that they provide the very best surveillance options with outstanding image quality, industry leading HD network video management and high end megapixel camera.

Avigilon provides customers with the option to customize your very own surveillance solution so that you can make sure that all areas are completely covered and protected from harm. All of the products sold by Avigilon are designed and manufactured in Canada.

These surveillance and security systems are used worldwide in places such as government institutions, stadiums, shopping malls, casinos, stations and major corporations. One of the best things about buying security solutions at Avigilon is that you can buy everything you need in one place, from serves to cameras and everything else in between. Providing your team of security with industry-leading technology like those at Avigilon will not only help them do their job properly, but also help make them feel safe.

All of the software you find at Avigilon is designed for the IT professional, yet is easy to use and has simplistic interfaces, so you will never need to worry about technical errors. You can even install your own software updates and downloads such as the Avigilon Control Centre using the Avigilon installer, but if you need some help Avigilon will provide support and how-to training videos.

The Avigilon CCTV camera is able to deliver an unparalleled image whilst preserving complete image integrity and the CCTV HD stream management system is able to manage bandwidth and storage. This combined with the great range of megapixel cameras will provide both superior image quality as well as maximum coverage.

The access control solutions are flexible and browser based so that you can manage employees and access all surveillance controls from wherever you may be, meaning that anywhere with internet connection has the ability to become your center for access control point.

You don’t need to be a computer whiz to use this technology as Avigilon’s video and access control software is easy to get to grips with. It offers the most simple interface possible and will even put you in the drivers seat when you want to have compete control of the video playback.

Avigilon understands that businesses often expand, and sometimes this can happen rather quickly. It is because of this that Avigilon has built its security solutions so that they can grow alongside your business. The reason that this works is because the ACC has the capability it needs to manage an unlimited amount of HD and analog cameras without ever struggling.

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