Great apps for you web developers and marketers out there

Both web development and Internet marketing has undergone a lot of change since its early days. In this article we will discuss the best web development applications for developers and marketers. For an Android user who is also a web developer, an application like AndFTP is must have.  It is an FTP client that lets you transfer files to your web server using FTP, SFTP, SCP and FTPS protocols. Moreover you can set myriad FTP servers using AndFTP. You can also set permissions and manage files using its file browser.


Another amazing app is kWS which turns your phone into a web server. Since Android is based on Linux, setting up a web server on it is quite easy. The app is surprisingly light weight and runs fast.

920TextEditor is yet another app that I highly recommend for web developers like The app lets you edit HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, ASP, ActionScript, C/C++, C#, Erlang, Frink, HTML/XML/WML, CSS, Javascript, Java, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, Shell/Bash, Lua, SQL, VB/VBS, Tcl, TeX/LaTeX, Verilog, AutoHotKey, AutoLisp, PowerShell, Pascal,Fortran, ColdFusion and VHDL files.

Now let us talk about marketing apps. Nimble is an excellent application that lets you manage contact database. Another interesting app is "Intercom" that lets you replace help desk, email marketing and CRM suite with a single app.

For managing your clients’ social media networks, an app like Buffer is must have. It lets you schedule posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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