How clean your macbook and speed up your laptop

Mac laptop just like any another laptop, become slow over a period of time. The main reason behind this slowdown is the sheer amount of junk and unwanted files clogging up the entire system resulting in poor performance. The best way to deal with this situation is installing a cleaning utility and the best one in the market is the Movavi Mac Cleaner.
Movavi Mac Cleaner review

Before we tell you how to start using it, you must install it on your mac laptop. For that, download the installer from the official website and drag the downloaded DMG file to the Application icon to complete the installation. Upon starting the app, you will find that the app automatically starts searching for the junk and unneeded files. To give an idea of how much junk is there in the computer, there is a progress bar showing how much space is gobbled up currently by these files. You are also shown how much space is occupied by junk files and normally this goes into gigabytes if you have never run a cleaner utility in your life.

After the scan has completed, you can click on the Start Cleaning function to commence the junk uninstallation process. Movavi mac cleaner, by default runs in English as main language but if that is not your main language, no need to worry as by simply tapping on the gear icon, you can change your preferred language.
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If you have a some or little experience with computer, you can go for the slightly advanced System Cleanup function that will help you do away with any and every log and cache file from your Mac laptop. You will find that there are several on and off switches that let you delete a particular type of file. Clearly, you now know how to speed up mac quickly and effectively.
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Another very useful feature is Trash Cleanup which deletes all the trash files. These files include those which you earlier deleted but later forgot to remove them from the recycle bin. I also often make use of the Uninstaller function that allows one to remove apps and the leftover files. While the built in mac uninstaller does a fine job in uninstalling the app, it does not delete the leftover files that the app generated when it was still on the hard disk. But the Movavi Mac Cleaner deletes both – freeing up gigabytes of unwanted junk from the hard disk drive.

Next time, if you find expected slowdowns on your Mac computer, you know what to do. Fire up the Movavi Mac Cleaner app and delete every single unwanted data from the hard disk.

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