How to monitor Internet using computer usage monitoring software?

Did you know that employees waste time and money of the company by spending time on Internet that is nothing to do with their job? So how can an employer monitor theĀ  Internet activity especially when they are not present in the office in front of their employees’ computers?

computer usage monitoring software

Well thanks to new development that has been taking place in the software arena, some applications are available that let you monitor each and every single activity of their computer. As an employer, the computers present are a property of the company and they must be used to do company’s work. You have full right to know what your employees are doing on their computer.

The apps you install will log every single activity; every single website they visit on the company. Computer usage monitoring software like worktime let you keep a check on what sites are being visited. For instance you would not want your company’s employees to spend their time tweeting on twitter and wasting countless hours on Facebook. There is also increased chance that they will end up installing malware that can harm your computers. Using that malware, a hacker can download important data and give it to your competitors.

You should go for that app that is compatible with as many platforms as possible to ensure you are running it on all PCs. Other important features to look out for will be the ability export to HTML and report generation. The monitoring app runs in stealth mode to avoid being caught, so that no body knows if a computer monitoring app is installed.

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