Looking to convert VHS to DVD?

There are a number of different ways to go about converting from one format to the other. There are two main categories that these fall under, each with their own pros and cons. You can choose to carry out the process yourself or you can send them off for a company to sort it out for you.


The DIY option requires you to buy some equipment and set things up, while the professional option is as simple as mailing some post. If you want to do it yourself then you will need to find the correct converter for you. Some need some pre-existing equipment, like a camcorder or player, which you may not have and some converters will only work on certain types tapes, so you have to be careful. To avoid getting it wrong you should make sure you do sufficient research to be confident in the product you purchase. By reading reviews and testimonials you will gain invaluable information as to the quality of the product that could save you from making a mistake. Once you have your converter you should have a series of instructions to follow, which will result in a DVD, provided everything goes to plan.

If you would rather let a professional handle the task then it may be as simple as shipping it off and waiting for the return product. This option can work out cheaper, easier and safer because there are some hidden pitfalls when it comes to converting VHS to DVD.

If you do try to do the conversion yourself, you may inadvertently damage the tape irreversibly. This could be due to an existing flaw or defect, which is exacerbated by the whole process. In the worst possible scenario you may encounter mould that eats away at the tape and the subsequent damage can not be reversed nor can the recordings be recovered. If a mouldy tape is put through a converter it will transfer that mould to future tapes, doing further damage. This would, of course, be avoided by using a professional service.

In order to convert any VHS to DVD, a professional company will first meticulously check your tape, inspecting its quality and condition, taking the appropriate actions necessary to ready the video for transfer. These companies are highly competent in dealing with damaged or brittle tapes. If possible they will repair them and continue the conversion. If the damage is too severe to continue they will let you know. With their expertise and superior equipment they can ensure you get the best possible DVD copy of your VHS. Some can even add in all manner of effects or menus if you want them to.

So if you have some old VHS tapes lying around and have dreamt of reliving those cherished memories then why not realise that fantasy? Whichever method you choose, once the video has been processed you should be left with a DVD version for your viewing pleasure. By transferring to DVD, you will be able to watch your film on your TV or computer using nothing more than a standard DVD player – this is the kind of technological advancement that people in the Seventies would have killed for!

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