NOW TV vs Lovefilm: which is best?

Online subscription services are now the best way in which people can enjoy television – customers can enjoy all the benefits of signing up to a digital TV provider like Sky without having to commit to an eighteen or twenty-four month contract which has to be adhered to.


The way in which we enjoy television has been revolutionised in recent years, and this is with the introduction of online subscription services. Now, instead of having to enter lengthy contracts and having to watch whatever is on at the time, people are now being given more control over what they watch and also not being tied down by lengthy contracts. These online subscriptions are the future of how we will enjoy all of our programming, and they are also fantastic in that you can watch them on a number of devices too including your TV, laptop, tablet and even mobile phone.

There are a number of different subscription services out there, and each one has their own unique features. This means that before you jump in and sign up to one it is worthwhile finding out a bit about the best ones, and this way you can see which one is better suited to your viewing habits. Two of the most popular ones currently available are NOW TV, which is powered by Sky, and LOVEFilM, which is an Amazon company. These are two excellent services, however they vary in how they work, so it is important to understand them both so that you can make an informed decision.

NOW TV is for movies and for sports, and you can get a monthly pass for Sky Movies which will enable you to catch all the latest Hollywood blockbusters amongst hundreds of other fantastic movies in an enormous library readily available at your fingertips for you to stream to your device. Similarly with sports, NOW TV can give you a day pass for all 6 Sky Sports channels, and this will save you from entering a lengthy and expensive contract with them. Perhaps there are a few important football matches or a cricket match that you want to see, and NOW TV has the best and most cost effective solution for this and again allows you to watch on multiple devices.

LOVEFiLM is a pay monthly service that can be cancelled at any time, and it has a vast collection of films and TV available for you to stream at anytime you like, and this includes the latest blockbusters, classic films, cult films and lots of others in all different genres. A unique feature that LOVEFiLM has is that it also offers a DVD and Blu-Ray rental service, where you can get DVDs delivered through the post which you then simply post back once you are finished, and this is perfect for those that still enjoy the idea of sitting down with a DVD and watching the extras.

These are the two main features of these two subscription services, and looking at NOW TV vs Lovefilm you can see that they have some similarities but also differ too. It will depend on what you want out of your subscription, with NOW TV being better for sports fans, whilst LOVEFiLM has an easy to stream service and an enormous back catalogue of films.

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