TYLT’s Flipstick: Why It’s The Best On-The-Go Smartphone Charger For Emergencies

When you are looking for a portable charging accessory, check out the Flipstick. The Flipstick allows you to get your phone charged, whether you are traveling around the world or simply working from home. The Flipstick can be customized to meet the needs of your phone and your personal style.

Flipstick Allows You to Have Power On-the-Go

The Flipstick is built with a tylt portable power bank that can come with a micro USB, lighting or type C connector. You can customize what type of connector you use for your charger. The simple-to-use LED battery gauge allows you to easily tell when it is time to charge your Flipstick.

When you are looking for a portable phone charger that can help you avoid having to carry around a bulky, awkward device, the impressive design ensures you do not have to worry about carrying around or losing your charger.

Flipstick Offers a lot of Power in a Little Package

When the Flipstick is plugged into your smartphone, you will still be able to use your phone. With the Flipstick, you can easily customize your accessory, as it comes in blue, white or brown. The Flipstick is reasonably priced so you will not have to worry about spending as much as you would on a wire charger.

The Flipstick includes a versatile 3350 mAh battery that allows you to get one to two full charges. With the Flipstick, you can charge your phone while you are sleeping or even during a meeting. The Flipstick can be used for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

The Flipstick is the perfect accessory for you when you need to have a charge in an emergency. The Flipstick is perfect for any type of smartphone, and will help you get out of a tough situation

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