Which is the best VOB converter?

VOB, short form of Video Object is a container format for the DVD video which can contain digital audio, video, menus and subtitles. While DVD players support this format out of the box, mobile devices do not play it. So if you are planning to watch a DVD on your smartphone or media player, you must first convert it to a mobile format. For playback on computer, you require special applications, most of which are not free.

best vob converter

The best solution to this problem is convert the VOB files to standard video formats like MP4 (MPEG 4), MPG, WMV (Windows Media Video), MOV (QuickTime multimedia file format), MKV (Matroska video format) and so on. These formats are playable on mobile devices as well as on computers. The best VOB converter in the market is Movavi’s VOB Converter for Windows. If you are a Mac, there is a Macintosh version available as well. In this tutorial we will explain how you can easily change a video with VOB format to other by following these simple steps.

Using it is fairly easy. First download the Movavi VOB Converter and install it on your computer. The installation file for PC has exe extension and it comes with installation wizard that helps to simply the installation process. Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the installation. Mac users get a file with DMG extension which is a standard installation file for Macintosh computers. To install a DMG file, double tap to mount and then copy its contents to application folder. After completion of installation, start the app and insert the DVD into the drive of your computer.


Then click on “Add DVD” to select the files stored on the disc. You can select multiple files in one go. You will then be asked to choose the output format. The Movavi VOB Converter takes care of the resolution and bitrate of the output video so that there are no playback issues. However you do have full liberty to choose more presents which automatically adjust the bitrate and resolution. For instance, if you choose Android phone, the video will be converted to MP4 format whereas Apple users get MOV file that can be natively played on Mac, iPhone and iPad devices.

After that, click on the “Browse” button to select the destination folder. If you do not change it, all output files will be stored in the default location. Ensure that there is enough free space in the destination folder as converted files will be saved there. After you have checked that, click on the “Convert” button to start the conversion. This entire process will take only few minutes as the Movavi converter is extremely efficient and fast. The folder containing converted video file will open automatically after the process is complete. If you do not want it to open the destination folder automatically, go to preferences to turn this feature off.

That is it – you have successfully converted a VOB file to your desired format.

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