Which is the best way to backup a Windows server

If you are using windows server to host your website and files and you do not have a backup solution, then you are simply waiting for that disaster to happen where you will never be able to place the pieces back together. That is it is very much required that you have a very solid backup solution in action all the time.

Which is the best way to backup a Windows server 

While there are myriad server backup solutions out there for doing windows server backup, few work well and claim to keep your data safe and secure. The one we recommend getting is Todo Backup Server software. It is priced at 199 dollars and comes with a 30 day trial period which is good enough to test its various features.

The Todo Backup Server software allows you to perform full or partial backups of the files stored on your server and you can tell it to exclude certain files while making backup. It supports support Windows Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / 2008 / 2003 / SBS operating systems making it compatible with all Microsoft Server releases till date.

The software features some nifty utilities like ability to do exchange server backup and mysql backup which is the main way of storing database on a server. You also get the option to make incremental and differential backups which allow you to backup only the changes made since the previous backup was done. This saves times and storage space on your server.

You can tell the Todo backup server to do schedule backups too that run on their own based on daily, weekly, monthly or event. This makes sure you stay worry-free when a disaster happens. In case a disaster happens, you can quickly do the recovery within minutes and restore the entire windows system backup to its original or saved state.

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